That’s really a great question.

Of course we’re not giving you money if you do mortgages, but what happens is there is a program with the banks that allow people to do what is called 100% financing. There have been some more rules since March 2011 and some banks are no longer offering this process, but what happens is that you actually finance that 5% over the next 5 years. So rather than getting a 3.19% on a 5-year closed mortgage, you’re looking at a 5.44% and that helps you finance that 5% down.

So now you’re going to have to get some money from some source, not borrowed for your down payment of 5% and then when the mortgages closes, which means you’ve moved into the house, then the lender allows you to have the 5% back and so they give it back to you after the fact.

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