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Located in South Surrey, close to Langley and White Rock, Dominion Macklem Mortgages is headed up by a dynamic highly experienced professional, Bill Macklem. Known for making the impossible possible, Bill will work with you and the lenders he has developed special relationships with, to find the best product to suit your needs and circumstances.

In these days of instantaneous content clustering through the likes of Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, we at BilliMac.com look to bring you the latest mortgage information, the best advice when it comes to mortgages and home financing – all with the most experience in mortgage financing!

As accredited mortgage professionals with over 80 years of experience in mortgage lending, we are able to provide insights into your mortgage financial planning and assist you in developing your goals. Through our invaluable knowledge and long-term relationships with various lenders, we will obtain the mortgage that best suits your needs.

Our principal, Bill Macklem, who has been a mortgage consultant for over 20 years, was a Professor at the University of Alberta, where he was teaching the “Opportunity Cost of Money” course.

The reason we at Dominion Macklem Mortgages want to be your mortgage advisor is that most people need advice on their mortgages. We fit in conveniently because we can provide you with personal financial advice with no vested interests and at no cost to you. The lender/financial institution compensates us.

Upon meeting, we will review your current financial situation to determine if you are ready to purchase a home. If not, we will help develop a plan to put home ownership in your future. If your existing mortgage is renewing, or you are considering refinancing, we will work with you to obtain the best mortgage and rate for your particular needs.

Once you have a mortgage, we are always available for any questions or concerns you may have. To contact us through our BilliMac.com website, please visit our Contact page by clicking here, or you can email us directly at this address: info@billimac.com

We at Dominion Macklem Mortgages enjoy taking care of your mortgage needs, just as much as we enjoy giving back to the community through our various sponsors. In addition to all things mortgages, this blog at BilliMac.com will express unique and exciting topics that showcase our journey through many fun activities that we partake in!

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In need of an in-depth analysis of your home and personal financial situation? We have some options that you may not have considered. Please give us a call at +1 (604) 684-4663. We look forward to hearing from you and even meeting you in our office. Dominion Macklem Mortgages is located at 206-15388 24 Ave in Surrey, BC.