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Get To Know Title Insurance

Are you officially Mortgage Free? CONGRATULATIONS! That is a monumental milestone to achieve! With that significant accomplishment, you should look at obtaining a Title Insurance Policy. What most people don’t realize is that when you had a mortgage, the lender will likely have had this in place for you. Once your mortgage is paid out…

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BC Introduces Innovative New Program to Help First-Time Homebuyers

In a move to help BC citizens and residents buy their first home, the BC government announced today that it is launching a new program to augment down payments for first-time buyers. The B.C. Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership program contributes to the amount first-time homebuyers have already saved for their down payment, providing…

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Why Trudeau’s Tighter Mortgage Rules Are Likely Canada’s Last

(Bloomberg) — In 2006, in the middle of one the hottest years on record for Canadian housing, then Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge sent a testy letter to his counterpart at the country’s mortgage insurer warning about lax standards fueling demand for homes. Today, Dodge has new words of caution: worry more about supply.…

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A Pre-Approval Is Not Really a Pre-Approval

A Pre-Approval Is Not Really a Pre-Approval There is a misconception out there that once you’re pre-approved, you’re good to go. A pre-approval simply means that based on your CURRENT income, expenses, down payment and credit you SHOULD be able to get fully approved once you find the right property (this is the first half of…

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Our business partner Uli’s Restaurant is sharing the ingredients to their delicious Uli’s 4.0 Burger! Ingredients: Potatoe Bun Garlic Aioli Arugula 7 oz all beef patty with salt & pepper BBQ sauce (see the chef’s recipe posted below for more details)* Goat Cheese Fermented Jalapenos Crispy Shallots *Chef’s BBQ Sauce Recipe: 100oz ‘6 in 1’…

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