12-Year Macklem Mortgages Recipe Cards Coming to BilliMac.com

We at Dominion Macklem Mortgages have been offering our past and current clients our specially selected recipe cards since 2000. Every Christmas season we are able to obtain one of Gramma Macklem’s secret holiday recipes.

Our mailing list consists of our friends, clients, and referral sources and these recipe cards have always been exclusive to them. Today we are proud to say that we will be offering these same recipe cards to our visitors online at BilliMac.com.

Why do we offer recipe cards in the first place?

It’s quite simple – they’re a unique way to keep in touch, and we like to keep our business fun. Bill loves great food and cooking is a passion, so it was natural for him to choose quality recipes to be offered with an already quality driven professional mortgage service.

We have over 70 recipe cards total, with a continually growing crop, which we will be rolling out on the website on a regular basis. We think you will enjoy this new feature on the website, as we have received an outpour of positive responses and requests for more recipe cards by our mailing list over the years.

We add all our clients to the recipe card mailing list, and were surprised once when crossing the US border. The officer saw the Macklem name and mentioned that he wasn’t getting his recipe cards. The officer handed over his new address so he could resume receiving his recipe cards!

Please check back to BilliMac.com on March 15, 2012, when we reveal the first recipe card online. Follow the official @Mac_Mortgages on Twitter, where we will also be sharing our recipe cards!